The most important decision after signing up your child for musical education is choosing the right musical instrument.

On the outset, people may think that it is not too hard to decide; just pick any interesting instrument. But parents know how hard it is to decide; after all, they will be investing a lot of money in the musical education and they don’t want to choose something that the child is not too sure of. What if the child quits playing it for some reason or the other? It is panic time for many parents since they don’t know much about the field.

Parents make their decisions based on various factors. If they are worried about expenses, they simply choose the music instrument that costs less. If they are attracted to status and fame, they simply choose the most “groovy” instrument. Some parents choose the instrument that their friends’ children play. And some just go for the regular ol’ piano.

Some parents are simply at their wits’ end and they meet up with any teacher that has placed their ad in the newspapers. After consulting with the teacher, they impose their “wisdom” on their young children. Some parents want to fulfill their own unfulfilled wishes through their children, and unknowingly convince their children to take up the musical instrument that they wanted to learn. If they always wanted to learn the violin but couldn’t, they force their children to learn to play the violin.

I have faced some funny and outright ridiculous situations when helping parents choose the right instrument for their kids. When I suggested the piano for a child based upon my observations about his personality, age and other factors, his mother rejected the idea because she wasn’t sure how the piano would suit her home’s interior design! And another parent did not like the idea of carrying an accordion to class and back! And a third one thought that a wind instrument would make a lot of noise and disturb everyone at home.

Dear parents, choosing the right music instrument for your child depending on his/her likings, personality, age and more factors is the most important decision of his/her musical education. Your child must love the instrument deep within the heart and this is the primary factor in maintaining unchanging interest in music.

So how do you make this important decision? Well, things are not so easy and free for that matter. Be ready to invest some of your time for your kid, and you will reap its unending benefits.

Some more important factors, apart from age and personality of your child, are his/her height and build. Some instruments require certain specific physical features to be able to be played properly.

Don’t make your decision without knowing all such factors simply by speaking to a private music teacher; there’s a strong chance you’ll be influenced. You will agree to the musical instrument that the teacher is bent on teaching; not which your child really wants.

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